washable down duvets & pillows

With ARO® ARTLAENDER, you have almost 100 years of experience in the development and production of sleep comfort. Today, we produce with the "know-how" of 3 generations - made in Germany. Compromisingly, we use premium components: largely in-house raw materials companies In Siberia and Eastern Europe, which materials are produced as a by-product of goose meat (as a meat processor) as an environmentally friendly "green" product
- a natural & sustainable eco cycle to composting.

Our Traumpass certified products support animal protection and are also traceable.
As an "incorruptible traditionalist", we offer ourselves the rare and expensive luxury of 4 full-scale raw feather wash lines in northern Germany, and do not follow the "contemporary trend" of the import of washed Chinese down: our export share of over 50% shows that our value-oriented German production is welcome worldwide.

We are proud to supply the best hotels in the world. The combination of the incomparable flair of excellent hotels with the quality bed linen from ARO® promises relaxing hours of the extra class. This also convinces selected top hotels that want to offer their guests only the best in comfort.

ARO® down proof fabric:

We use pre-shrunk fabrics, which do not lose shape or durability during washing. The fabric is woven from fine Egyptian cotton yarn.

Full washability is one of the most important results of our hotelbed production.

In addition, our hotel quality selections are subjected to the "Stumpsche leak test": only absolutely dense and long-lasting fabrics pass this quality test. Double seam is a basic prerequisite for us.

In addition, we attach great importance to high breathing activity and fast moisture transport (including odors): particularly important in the frequent user change in the property and hotel area.
The fabric is, of course, certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 and therefore tested for toxicity.

All blankets, pillows and cushions are washable at 60 ° C and suitable for tumble drying. This ensures maximum hygiene while maintaining a long shelf life without loss of quality.

All ARO® hotel duvets are guaranteed:
Low-pollutant and suitable for house dust allergy sufferers

  • antiallergic and antibacterial
  • washable at 60 ° C or 60 ° - 95 ° C, - suitable for dryers
  • Öko-Tex Standard 100 of special class 1
  • nomite® certificate free of mites
  • Daunafresh® and Daunasan® hygiene certificates
  • EU standard: EN12934
  • 3 years warranty
  • Made in Germany

What makes our duvets so special?

We supply all sizes of down duvets and pillows.
We have an unusually wide production depth:
- we collect raw materials from our own companies in Eastern Europe
- we wash and sterilize the raw materials according to the particularly demanding JAPAN (JIS) standard, which goes far beyond the normal EN standard
- we sort the down with 10-12m high installations on all world-known standards.
- we fill these high-quality downs into pre-shrunk, high-quality cambric shells

Luxury as in a 5 STAR hotel

We are looking forward to your orders !