The Traumpass is a control seal, which features bedding, sleeping bags and clothing filled with down and feathers.
The products marked with this must be filled with feathers and downs of the two highest classes according to EN 12934
In addition, all raw materials used for Traumpass products are exclusively derived from the poultry meat production of slaughtered animals.
Companies that use the seal for products have committed themselves to this end.
The manufacturer's data on the filling composition are checked by means of products purchased anonymously in the trade and subsequent testing in an accredited test institute

The label "Traumpass-DIN-Geprüft", which is sewn into the respective product, can be determined exactly which company was the manufacturer by means of an individual piece-specific check digit.

The traceability of the filled down and feathers is documented completely by means of documents such as delivery notes, invoices, tax and import certificates.
It ends at the slaughterhouse from which the raw material was purchased. This guarantees that no goods from living animals are filled in Traumpass-sealed products.
A check to see whether the drawing users follow these guidelines is carried out by regular certification of the companies by the certification organization DIN Certco Berlin