Happy, who wakes up in the morning fresh and slept. No matter whether you want a back cushion or side sill - the ergonomic ARO® neck support pads provide optimal pressure relief and a comfortable, correct sleeping position.

Neck support pillows

Side sill position

Back cushion position

ARO® Artlaender manufactures a wide range of neck support pillows:

- Viscokern pillows

- latex cushion

- Gel cushion

- Trevira® Fill Cushion

as well as our PREMIUM LINE of neck support pads:

The Daunamedica® neck support pillow: the combination of breathable down with optimum moisture transport and supportive Viscokern

- our Queen of the Night -

As well as the ThermoCrown LUXUS Down Neck Support Pillow from ARO®

The noblest ARO® down pillow with a filling of pure Eastern European or Siberian down, handcrafted in 5 individual chambers,

combines the wonderfully soft properties of the down with the pressure-relieving punctuality of the 5 individual chambers.

Other ARO® neck support pads:

- Viscokern pillows

- Latex cushion

- Gel cushion

- Trevira® Fill Cushion