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Passion for down

Naturally healthy sleep in premium duvets from ARO® ARTLAENDER:
Down from snow geese reared in the cold climes of Siberia, the fluffiest down from Masuria, Ukrainian grazing goose down or allergy-free textile fibres & sustainably-produced mattresses..... meet the highest standards required for naturally healthy sleeping comfort.

ARO® ARTLAENDER looks back over almost 100 years' experience in the development and production of sleeping comfort and is in the special position of being able to apply the know-how of three generations - made in Germany.

We uncompromisingly use premium components: mostly sourced from raw material companies in Siberia, Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe, which originated from earlier ARO foundations, down, which is a byproduct of goose roast (at the meat processor) as an environmentally friendly "green" product - a natural & sustainable eco-cycle for composting. Our Traumpass (or Downpass) certified products support animal welfare and are traceability certified.

As an "incorrigible traditionalist" we afford the rare and expensive luxury of 3 full-grade raw feather washing lines in Northern Germany and thus do not follow the "low budget trend" of importing washed down: our export share of more than 50% shows that our value-oriented German production finds worldwide recognition

Visit to the facility by State Premier Wulff

Siberian grazing geese heading home ...

Heimtextil trade fair Frankfurt

Low-cost import down is never processed at Artländer; we are aware this also means we exclude many customer groups.

Premium collectors in Siberia (since 1990), the Ukraine (since 1992) and in-house collectors in Eastern Europe (since 1920) supply the northern German plant with natural soaps, which are produced as a by-product of goose roast (at the meat processor) as an environmentally friendly "green" product natural eco-cycle up to composting.

The processing itself is carried out exclusively in Germany. The high standards we impose on our sleep systems have led to continuous growth as well as our company's excellent reputation amongst customers.
For example, Siberian goose down is particularly high quality due to the extremely low temperatures in the habitats of these birds and it is exceptionally highly regarded in Japan, Korea & elsewhere in Asia as "Siberian Snowgoose" down.
OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 certificates awarded for our product groups reinforce our ongoing efforts for a high degree of naturalness and freedom from harmful substances.

Passion for mattresses

A steady growth in the number of musculoskeletal disorders is certainly the reason that increasingly more attention is paid to orthopaedic issues when choosing a mattress.
This is why in recent decades ARO ARTLÄNDER has given priority to the development of orthopaedic - point elastic - sleep systems. In addition to the orthopaedically-correct positioning of the spine during sleep, it is essential for us to provide pressure-free sleeping comfort for the sensitive areas of the body.
Sustainability when selecting raw material components is also particularly important for us: we prefer, for example, pure cotton such as medicott® or TENCEL® Vital antimony-free (= wood fibre) covers.

Also in the production of mattresses, we remain true to our principle: - the process is just as it was 50 years ago - we quilt our mattress panels on 3 multi-stage, multi-needle machines at the northern German facility.
Skilled staff then assemble the quilted mattress panels into finished covers.
Our experienced latex, visco, spring and foam contour-cutting team manufactures mattress cores using state-of-the-art cutting & gluing machines. Each mattress core is inspected and turned again after assembly.
Testing institutes acknowledge our sustainable value orientation related to production, as in this example of the NonPlusUltra medicott mattress which received the seal of approval from ÖKO TEST in 2013. ( Info: this is an older test of 2013 and not the newest ÖKO test

As a company with 100 years' experience in the production of bedding and with many decades of membership in VDFI & IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau), we attach great importance to the quality of our products. Thanks to continuous quality control at our in-house laboratory by experienced employees, we process natural down, natural fibres & mattresses into high quality branded products which protect consumers against the climatic seasonal variation in quality of the rawmaterial.

Meet the team:

At our company you will find a first-class team with a passion for good sleep.

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