- on animal welfare, we pay special attention!

Sustainability, animal welfare and corporate social responsibility

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have become integral elements of ARO® corporate governance. These elements also include social, economic and ecological aspects of corporate activity and therefore secure strategic success for the company.
Social aspects: ARO® does not employ any contract workers and, for almost 100 years now, has provided good jobs and security to persons living in the environment of the village where it is located.
Ecological aspects: ARO® sees itself as a recycling company for the goose and duck breeding industry. From the residual waste of the meat production process we create natural bedding products - almost without any addition of synthetic materials.
Waste water ensuing from the production process is completely purified in our company's own multi-stage fully biological sewage treatment plant and returned to the production process.

Eiderdown - the lined nest of an eider duck

Sustainable & future-proof

The integration of sustainability and corporate social responsibility into our core business process is crucial to ensure the future of our company.

Economic aspects: In 2014 ARO ARTLÄNDER created an ambitious range of bedding in terms of animal welfare and sustainability. The "Siberian goose" pillow and bed series came onto the market and immediately became a favourite bedding product with our customers.

Highest respect for animal welfare, 100% quality, 100% made in Germany.

The Siberian ALTAI goose is traditionally kept in a smallholder farming structure. A special feature is that these geese often freely roam in the farm area and pick out tasty titbits from the meadows and ears of wheat. European and eastern European geese are mainly held in professional housing systems and slaughtered after 3-4 months. Siberian geese live much longer - often these free-range geese live the full period from spring through to the end of winter in February/March. The Siberian goose can develop slowly and naturally in this rearing process. The down and feather of the bird is therefore also significantly more mature, fluffier and more durable than factory farmed geese. This sustainability in farming is not necessarily in harmony with the pursuit of profit - but conforms with the Russian tradition and, of course, does not allow for mass production!

Animal Welfare & Traceability

Our down and feathers are not plucked from live animals. To ensure this we have committed ourselves to a traceability codex. But that's not all. We fully monitor the procurement of our down across all stages of processing and can therefore prove the origin of our products at any time - for the protection of animals as well as the benefit of society. As part of a traceability system, we document the procurement of all down and feathers. Audits carried out by independent testing and certification organisations control the business practices of the company on a regular basis.

ARO Artländer - a company with responsibility