Industrial down

At our Kettenkamp facility we process natural down from our subsidiaries in Siberia & Ukraine...

Subsidiaries in Siberia and eastern Europe supply the facility located in northern Germany with natural down which is a "green" auxiliary product of goose meat (at the meat processor) - a natural & sustainable ecological cycle, which even extends as far as composting.

Since the company was founded in 1919, we have been selecting goose feathers and down from smallholder farming structures in Pommerania and Masuria. When the company was first established Pommerania and Masuria were part of Germany and we maintain close working relationships with our colleagues there through various cooperations relating to the poultry sector.

Processing takes places exclusively in Germany using 4 down-washing/cleansing systems followed by sorting: 3000kg per day.

You see washing machine No.1 (200kg capacity Down / washing process):

Washing machine No.2

washing machine No.3                                                     washing machine No.4

We supply the down and feathers as sacks with short delivery times to German confectioners (according to EN 12934) as well as to many exporting countries:

Pressed of unpresst:

- 20 "or 40" container

Sorting Line No. 1 ( of total 7 lines)

We supply the down and feathers as sacks with short delivery times to German confectioners (according to EN 12934) as well as to many exporting countries:

- smaller quantities in the box: 5-10 kg in 60x60x60cm

Down cluster to 97% (e.g., Siberian Snowgoose) and
Filling power up to 220mm (900 cuin)

Turbidity: 1000mm (very clean)

delivery country


We deliver according to standard:

VSDB Nr.105
JIS / JDFA 2012
KS K2620
AS 2479-200X
GB/T 17685
Gov.Canada 2000

Our top-sellers: top quality & superficial prices, since even collected & washed yourself 

filling power approx:

white Siberian Snowgoose down 100%                              ( Siberian Snowgoose)                      850-900 cuin 220mm
white Polish grazing geese 100%                                        (white Polish grazing geese)             850-900 cuin
white Ukrainian grazing geese 100%                                   ( white Ukrainian grazing geese)      750 cuin
white Ukrainian grazing geese 90%                                    ( white Ukrainian grazing geese)      725 cuin
Siberian WILD duck down 100%                                           ( Siberian WILD duck down 100%)    725 cuin
Silverwhite Siberian WILD duck down, similar Eider >90%  ( Siberian WILD duck down >90%)   675 cuin
Siberian WILD duck down                                                      ( Siberian WILD duck down 50%)   Duvet & Pillow
white Ukrainian grazing geese 15% Daune                           ( white Ukrainian grazing geese 15%) long tremed filling power

Please send us a short email inquiry to:

Factory: 49577 Kettenkamp / Germany

Our Siberian daughter company:

The Siberian ALTAI goose is traditionally kept in a smallholder farming structure. The ALTAI region is a mountain range which reaches 4500m at its peak and is located on the border of Siberia and Kazakhstan. A special feature is that these geese often freely roam in the farm area and pick out tasty titbits from the meadows and ears of wheat. European and eastern European geese are mainly held in professional housing systems and slaughtered after 3-4 months. Siberian geese ( - known as snow geese by the farmers in this region - ) live much longer - often these free-range geese live the full period from spring through to the end of winter in February/March. The Siberian Altai goose can develop slowly and naturally in this rearing process. The down and feather of the bird is therefore also significantly more mature, fluffier and more durable than factory farmed geese. This sustainability in farming is not necessarily in harmony with the pursuit of profit - but conforms with the Russian tradition and, of course, does not allow for mass production! The down of Altai geese is a kind of Eider version of goose down: unique and exceptionally fluffy.

Our Ukrainian daugher company:

Siberian geese - near the farm

Pomeranian geese (here for re-feeding after pasture time)

Icelandic Eiderdaunen (still unwashed) in airy wooden boxes

As a company with 100 years of experience in the production of bedding and with many decades of membership in the IDFB (International Down and Feathers Bureau), we attach great importance to the quality of our products.