Hotel - & Object mattresses

ARO® Artländer (since 1919) can look back on a long tradition of its mattress manufacture:

By combining tradition, experience and care, exclusive mattresses and beds are created that meet the highest quality requirements.
Today, ARO® manufactures mattresses in Northern Germany ( near Hamburg) with 3 fully automated quilting and cutting lines and a solvent-free (sustainable) glue deck and handcrafted craftsmanship, characterized by quality and longevity.
So different the people, so different also our sleep life.

Comfort versus hardness: How do I choose the right system for my needs? One third of his life spends an average of sleep. As a result, the body recuperates, important metabolic processes take place, and the sleeping person processes the events of the day.

However, the night must be really relaxing. The mattress plays a not insignificant role.
Therefore you should take a long time to slect your mattress. Because "the best" mattress does not exist, the choice is a very personal thing.
ARO® prefers the 7-zone design in the majority of its mattresses: this means that it differs differently at different points. It should yield to the shoulder and pelvis area. If you lie on your back, your buttocks must be able to sink. Only one mattress with several zones can adapt to the body perfectly.

If the mattress does not fit, the muscles can not relax, the bones are not supported adequately. This is particularly hard on the discs. At night they should regenerate and fill with liquid to get fit for the day.

If you have back pain and a mattress that is seven to ten years old, you should look for a new sleep pad.

Side, back or stomach?

If the sleeper lies on the side, shoulders and pelvis should sink in such a way that the vertebrae at the back form a straight line. If you are as a couple in a bed, everyone should have their own mattress and their own grate so that each back has the best support for him. Possibly one can also use a common mattress - which should then however necessarily be punktelastic. This means that each area yields individually, without affecting the surrounding areas.

Latexsan®: Durable and durable hotel mattress:

ARO® LATEXSAN® mattress

Core: 100% latex

Cover: 100% cotton terry cloth or 100% cotton-medicott®,

Quilted on sheep's wool or wash-resistant fleece.

The advantages of the ARO® LATEXSAN® mattress:
In the back position, it adapts to maintain the double S-shape of the spine.
The LATEXSAN mattress is extremely resilient. The high weight of the latex ensures long-lasting support and is therefore particularly suitable for people with a higher weight.
The Latexsan® is also suitable as a 2-person mattress (140x200cm).

ARO® pocket spring mattressesWith the ARO® pocket spring core, each spring is sewn in a single textile pocket. The spring surface is freestanding, so this elaborate processing offers the following advantages:

The pressure on a small surface is thus absorbed directly and is not transferred to a large surface: the pocket-spring core mattress offers an excellent punctuality. The barrel springs can adapt themselves to vertebrae, that is to say point by point, to the anatomy of your body and therefore offer a very comfortable lying comfort. Sensitive body zones are optimally supported and the spine can relax in any position. These mattresses are also suitable for heavily sweating persons due to the pocket cavities.

TENCEL® Vital cover:
Cellulose (made from natural wood), stretchable with an antimony-free yarn

Botanical fiber

From wood to fiber

TENCEL® comes from nature and uses photosynthesis, which has been an important mechanism of nature since time immemorial and the foundation for all earthly life. In photosynthesis, solar energy is absorbed by various dyes, especially by the green chlorophyll, and converted into chemical energy. The initial products carbon dioxide and water are converted into glucose and oxygen. The more TENCEL® the more oxygen.

ARO®: Handmade in Germany

Many different sizes are available. The width varies between 70cm and 200 cm and the length between 190 and 220 cm.

We also manufacture any special size / special design on customer request.

Hotels and ship owners appreciate our craftsmanship.