Daunasan® & downafresh

Daunasan® & downafresh®

Daunasan® and Downafresh® document that the filling material meets particular hygiene and cleanliness requirements.
Enterprises using these signs will examine the downs and feathers they process through a hygienic laboratory and keep records of the origin and processing of the filling material.

Clarity for consumers

Bedding with the Downafresh® sign is only filled with feathers and down which have been cleaned before their use by thorough water washing and dried at a temperature of at least 100 ° C. Thus, bedding with the Downafresh sign corresponds to the strict hygiene requirements of the European standard EN 12935.

Feathers and down are natural products which are obtained according to strict legal requirements and do not contain any pollutants from the house. Because of their natural properties - they are light and warm without stress - they provide excellent thermal insulation and are therefore the ideal filling material for bedding.