Down Duvets

The new ARO® Collection is complemented by a clearly structured assortment of bedding elements for all thermal classes. All down- and feather-filled ARO® duvets are manufactured by highly trained specialists with the highest precision.
Density fabrics are our passion: for over 100 years, we have stood out for the best equipment, finishing and finishing of down-fill fabrics.
ARO® Artländer is the German name for down and feather fillings, which are still washed and sorted exclusively in Germany with elaborate technology: we do not follow the branch trend of importing finished washed down fillings, which are only bottled in Germany.
This care in the selection of fabrics combined with "most valuable" down fillings creates products which bear the name ARO® rightly

Duvets in Carree quilting are also suitable for warmer nights and give the lovers of the down-soft sleep the comfort solution for an enjoyable summer sleep.

The down of ARO® DUVEE® collection comes from geese that come from the most beautiful and natural landscapes of Eastern Europe.

SLEEPING HARMONY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Cassette construction with inner step design, fine maco batiste with decorative piping and super soft finish, cozy and warm from the very first moment.

COCOON body zones
With this high-quality ARO® body zone down-duvet the stitched areas are made with different filling weights.

Siberian snow down balls can be considered a kind of "haute couture" of nature in the field of poultry fowl. Approximately one billion downs are required to fill 1000kg.

ThermoPlus warm sleeper
Our ThermoPlus down-blanket is loved by all night-frosters: the high external rib, in conjunction with the inside cassette construction, allows for a linear heat curve and at the same time increases the absorbing weight (filling weight) of high-quality Eastern European down

Quadro Down Duvet
Our specialist duvet with the unique "maintenance comfort": with little effort each chamber can be adapted to the heat behavior.

The harsh climate of Canada makes the Canadian geese grow an unusually warming feather dress

The Silk & Down collection combines the luxury of silky softshells with the feel-good factor of premium goose down.

Our JUWEL THE NIGHT Eiderdown Duvet is not only appreciated in the royal bedrooms of the world for a restful sleep.