Siberian snow down balls can be considered a kind of "haute couture" of nature in the field of poultry fowl. Approximately one billion downs are required to fill 1000kg.
The harsh climate of Siberia gives Siberian geese an unusually warm "winter coat".
The downs of these birds are correspondingly in a high level of demand.
This beautiful goose can be perfectly filled in cassettes.
Only the finest downproof cotton batiste ( or Silk) is suitable for this premium down quality

Available in different cassette divisions and all sizes:

135 x 200cm bis 240-260cm

The Siberian ALTAI goose is traditionally kept in a smallholder farming structure. The ALTAI region is a mountain range which reaches 4500m at its peak and is located on the border of Siberia and Kazakhstan. A special feature is that these geese often freely roam in the farm area and pick out tasty titbits from the meadows and ears of wheat. European and eastern European geese are mainly held in professional housing systems and slaughtered after 3-4 months. Siberian geese ( - known as snow geese by the farmers in this region - ) live much longer - often these free-range geese live the full period from spring through to the end of winter in February/March. The Siberian Altai goose can develop slowly and naturally in this rearing process. The down and feather of the bird is therefore also significantly more mature, fluffier and more durable than factory farmed geese. This sustainability in farming is not necessarily in harmony with the pursuit of profit - but conforms with the Russian tradition and, of course, does not allow for mass production! The down of Altai geese is a kind of Eider (type) version of goose down: a unique large flocked down

Possible color printing on the carrier bag