ARO® Baby & Junior Down bedding

ARO Baby & Junior Down bedding

These quilted down comforters and pillows have been developed into a suitable product for babies and children by the ARO® sleep research in cooperation with children bedding retailers. ARO® ARTlÄNDER is the market-leading full-scale manufacturer in Europe in this segment. The down-filled ARO® baby bedding is extra light filled, minimizing the risk of overheating or oxygen deficiency. As an innovation, ARO® implemented the climate chamber technology, which is protected by an ARO® DGMS (patent office), which guarantees safe TOG values ​​(overheating protection) in the beds.

These down comforters combine many advantages:
• pure natural products - suitable for allergy sufferers, since house dust mites are protected and COMPLETE!
• Available as a top model in Siberian Snowgoose © down fill.
• The ARO® children's down comforters are available in all sizes: from the smallest flat pillow 35x40cm to the junior blanket in 100x135cm
• As an alternative to the down-filled cots, we recommend sleeping bags (filled with fibers or cotton balls): please make sure that only one down-filled product is used: a down-bed or a down-sleeping bag without any blankets: otherwise there is a risk of overheating.

vollwaschbare Daunen & Federn federleicht
vollwaschbare Daunen & Federn federleicht