Junior Mattresses

Junior Mattresses

ARO® clima opti® is the new climate ventilation concept from ARO® Artländer for all mattress covers.

This innovative system combines comfort with safety at a high level. The optimal ventilation also allows an oxygen supply in the abdomen.

The water barrier used is water-repellent and air-permeable. This ensures optimal moisture transport. Each ARO® mattress has rugged edges and a (round) zipper, divisible or alternatively 1-sided, so you can wash the cover as needed.

Naturally, the mattresses carry the Ökotex certificate of the first class and therefore meet high standards. The orthopedic children's mattresses from ARO® consist of high-quality cores such as Cellpur®, visco-elastic foam or HR cold foam. All terry fabrics are Aloe Vera refined;

Mattresses, especially for small bodies, which are still easily deformable.

Test Champion Non-Plus Ultra Mattress Kba medicott

The breathing mattress clima opti.

100% organic cotton & medicott® equipment quilted on an antimony-reduced fleece

  • Certified cotton from controlled organic cultivation

••• according to the clima opti® principle:

-removable by all-round zipper

- fully washable top and bottom washable individually; Hygiene for allergy sufferers water-resistant insert

-protects against small maltreatments 100% cold foam from German production

2 sides: Baby + Junior

Permanently elastic with high punctuality

- with fixed edges

-with vertical ventilation ducts

ARO® manufactures numerous different mattress types from baby and children's mattresses in the high-quality as well as the premium segment in the North German factory.

All mattresses are manufactured in their entirety:

- Company-specific multi-needle quilting with 3 fully automatic quilting / cutting lines

- Company-specific contour cutting system

- company-owned roll-on deck with minimal glue application (of course only water-soluble glue!)

- company-owned sewing, etc

PS: Open our ARO® Baby and Children's Program catalog, which you will find on the previous web page: we present all current mattresses in detail:

... an example: the Sternentraum Vital: an absolute premium product!