Baby cot

Baby cot

Our recommendation: AirFresh light Downbed:

• Extremely light filled with large flocculent white Baltic down ball 90% of class 1, which, thanks to the low filling weight and the empty chamber (TOG) seams, show an extremely high air permeability to prevent CO-2 over supply ( & overheating)

• The shells consist of the finest 100% cotton fabrics, are fully washable with the down filling

The first 6 weeks are spent by babies in a bayb bed or in the cradle, gentle rocking movements lull it to sleep. The right cover for this is an airy baby cot 80x80cm, which should be fully washable. Also here a natural filling material like down is preferable, if the purse allows.

Excess heat & moisture control

In addition to fully washable, antiallergic down duvets, ARO® offers even more cost-effective synthetic fiber beds, while down beds are particularly hygroscopic (= breathable), important for moisture transport. The down-filled ARO® baby bedding is extra light filled, minimizing the risk of overheating or oxygen deficiency. As an innovation, ARO® introduced the ARO® DGMS (patent office) protected climate chamber technology, which guarantees secure TOG values ​​(overheating protection) for the beds.

These down comforters combine many advantages:

• pure natural products - suitable for allergy sufferers, since house dust mites are protected and COMPLETE!

• Available as a top model in Siberian Snowgoose © down fill.

• The ARO® children's down comforters are available in all sizes: from the smallest flat pillow 35x40cm to the junior blanket in 100x135cm

• As an alternative to the down filled duvets, we recommend the down filled (or fiberglass / cotton fiber filled) sleeping bags: please make sure that only one down filled product is used: so down duvets or down sleeping bags without any blankets.

Feather - like luxury down - the - art products from the art world

Down can be regarded as a kind of "haute couture" of nature in the context of poultry feathers. Approximately one million downs are required to fill 1kg down. A down ball weighs only 0.001g and is very similar to a snowflake. Every ounce of a snow goose has about 2 million filaments, which can be interlocked to form a maximum of air: the best cold protection in the world. While Siberian snow goose down balls often reach the size of a € 1 coin, the downs of poor quality (Chinese, etc..) often only show the diameter of a 10 cent piece. Depending on the density and the size of the flock, the downs compensate for the outside temperatures and thus act as an air conditioning system in your bedroom. The same also applies to moisture absorbed by down, without being damp. Just as quickly, they also release the moisture. Faster than any other material. Refreshingly light and cuddly, duvets with down filling at the lowest weight provide for even and dry heat. Recent scientific studies by several universities have proven it - Down can not solve allergies as pure natural products. This makes them particularly suitable for rheumatic diseases in connection with the climate characteristics. The special "daunamedica®" superclean down-wash in the North German ARO® factory also allows the use of the skin-sensitive down.


Cold matured Downs Down:

Only high-quality & cool-matured down downs and feathers pass through the strict ARO® quality control during purchasing. We strictly pay attention to the fact that this raw material comes only from geese in a species-appropriate attitude and wild ducks; Animal welfare and ecological production have traditionally been one of the most important values ​​in the ARO® Artlanders. Through the experience gained since 1919, we know which regions are most suitable in the world:

• Siberia

• Canada

• Iceland

• Baltic States

• Poland

• Hungary

• Ukraine

Since 1991, ARO® has had its own subsidiaries in Siberia (Siberian Snowgoose®) and Eastern Europe, which select the most beautiful down parts on site. The in-house "on-site" procurement of raw materials guarantees top quality at an unusually good price / performance ratio. Since 3 generations ARO collects directly from the geese farmers in Poland the best Polish raw feathers, very often from Mothergoose farms.

The ARO® delivery countries are proven plants, in which the animal world has adapted extraordinarily well to the climatic conditions. We do not want cheap young goose down plucks or the small-flake Asian down. Our wide ARO® down assortment allows the sleeper to select the personal warmth needed for him in the right proportion.


Trust is good - the ARO® quality assurance laboratory is better.

As delicate as the down is, its structure is so complex. It is therefore important to select and process down with special care.

The German Minister-President (NDS) Wulff also inspected production and quality assurance in the North German ARO® factory.

The ecological orientation of the prefabricated down is complemented by the good test results of the ARO® Bio-water cleaning technolgy- the most beautiful natural shades produced in an environmentally friendly way - the best conditions for a restful and healthy sleep with the most beautiful dreams.

ARO® Daunen Zertifizierungen:

ARO® Down Certifications:

1) ÖKO-TEX 100 Class 1


3) nomite® = free from any mites

4) Daunasan® and downafresh® = extrem clean sterilized