ARO® sleeping bags

ARO® sleeping bags (only a short extract from our ARO® Baby and Children's Program catalog, which you will find on the previous website)

ARO®down sleeping bags are functional and well thought-out. There is first of all the generously cut "sack", which leaves the baby enough freedom of movement to stomp, does not restrict and provides security and warmth.

We consider ourselves as the inventors of the growing baby sleeping bag. Our VarioSystem with cover and press buttons has established itself in the market thanks to its extensibility.

ARO® baby sleeping bags can also be purchased in different sizes to fit the baby exactly. In spring, autumn and winter, a baby sleeping bag filled with down or the cheaper CosySan® fiber ball filling is recommended. The baby sleeping bag is washable at 60 ° in the machine and also suitable for drying.

Fully washable down & feather   - featherlight !

ARO® baby sleeping bags are light filled so that the risk of overheating or an oxygen deficiency supply was minimized. As an innovation, ARO® introduced the ARO® DGMS (patent office) protected climate chamber technology, which guarantees secure TOG values ​​(overheating protection) for the beds.

UNI BASIC LINE: these down sleeping bags in different UNI colors are filled with cuddly white Siberian Countrydown 90%.

They can be adjusted in length by the turn-up foot section and thus grow with your child.

The safety jerk serves as a neck guard for the middle zipper. Available in three sizes:

70-80cm, 90-110cm a

nd 110-130cm

CREATIV LINE sleeping bags (the premium selection)

Filled with white Polish goose down balls 90% - extremely airy and light

- choose from numerous current designs from the CreativLine

Give your baby the guarantee of a safe & cosily sleep: our Creativ VarioKids system allows great freedom of movement, a comfortable cuddle feeling and the security you want.

ARO Baby Down Sleeping Bags

Whether you opt for the VarioDaun XXL full-down sleeping bag or the CosySan® XXL fiber-ball sleeping bag or the climate-friendly Climarelle ™ VarioKids, your child remains warm-wrapped, even without covers and nicks. The sleeping bag prevents oxygen deficiency during the "slip under the covers", since this air-conditioned sleeping bag does not necessitate additional covers. The Creativ Line is filled with high-density white Polish goose down 90%: an absolute premium filling.

At the sides of all CREATIV LINE sleeping bags, a heat-regulating climate zone with PCM heat storage capsules is installed: this system enables improved air-conditioning and improved moisture transport. High-tech air-conditioning for your baby!

The ARO® sleeping bags are adjustable in length by the cover-and-foot section and thus grow with your child.

The safety jerk serves as a neck guard for the middle zipper. Available in three sizes: 70-80cm, 90-110cm and 110-130cm.

Feather - like luxury down - the - art products from the art world

Down can be regarded as a kind of "haute couture" of nature in the context of poultry feathers. Approximately one million downs are required to fill 1kg down. A down ball weighs only 0.001g and is very similar to a snowflake. Every ounce of a snow goose has about 2 million filaments, which can be interlocked to form a maximum of air: the best cold protection in the world. While Siberian snow down often reach the size of a € 1 coin, the downs of poor quality (Chinese, etc...) often only show the diameter of a 10 cent piece. Depending on the density and the size of the flock, the downs compensate for the outside temperatures and thus act as an air conditioning system in your bedroom. The same also applies to moisture absorbed by down, without being damp. Just as quickly, they also release the moisture. Faster than any other material. Refreshingly light and cuddly, duvets with down filling at the lowest weight provide for even and dry heat. Recent scientific studies by several universities have proven it - Down can not solve allergies as pure natural products. This makes them particularly suitable for rheumatic diseases in connection with the climate characteristics. The special "daunamedica®" superclean down-wash in the North German ARO® factory also allows the use of the skin-sensitive down.