ARO® down pillows are soft, cuddly and highly elastic - shake briefly and return to their original shape and size.
Deep and relaxed sleep is determined primarily over the position of the head. A down & feather filled cushion supports every sleeping position in a natural way, thereby enabling noticeable relaxing relaxation. Down cushions ensure a healthy microclimate, since body moisture is initially absorbed and then passed on to the outside.

ARO® down and feather cushions are fully washable and dry resistant.

ARO®-cushions are handcrafted in an elaborate manner and offer individual comfort and a dreamlike sleep for each type of bed.
The pillow shells consist basically of pure cotton in twill or fabric binding.

Soft down pillows

The classic ARO® feather / down pillow with a filling from Eastern European or Siberian: 85% feathers and 15% down for the cuddly sleep.

Supersoft down pillow

The tried and tested ARO® Super Soft down pillow with fine Eastern European or Siberian goose feathers and down for wonderfully soft sleep comfort.
Premium Soft Down Pillow 3-chamber pillow
The luxurious ARO® Premium Soft Down 3-chamber cushion convinces with a solid core of East European or Siberian goose feathers, encased in finest goose down.
ThermoCrown down pillow

The most noble ARO® down pillow with a filling of pure Eastern European or Siberian down, handcrafted in 5 individual chambers, combines the wonderfully soft properties of the down with the pressure-relieving punctuality of the 5 individual chambers.